Curriculum Vitae


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William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ
M.A. in Computer Animation, 1997

William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ
B.A. in Art, 1979



Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York
Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, 2010 – Present

School of Visual Arts, New York, New York
Adjunct Instructor, “SVA Computer Art” 1999-2010

New York University, New York, New York 
Adjunct Instructor, “Center for Advanced Digital Applications”, 2000-2009

William Paterson University, Wayne NJ
Assistant Professor, (half-time) Computer Art and Animation, 1997-1998



Riddle, Scott; Perkins, James; Halbstein, David; Golby, Alexandra; and Orringer, Daniel.  “Retopologizing MRI and Diffusion Tensor Tractography Datasets for Real Time Interactivity” Journal of Biocommunications, Vol. 39, No. 1, 2013

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Halbstein, David, and Lakin, Susan, “The Collaborative Composite Image at RIT: The MAG Project” Proceeding, SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Symposium on Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications, Article No. 87, © 2013 ACM New York, NY ISBN 978-1-4053-2633-9

Halbstein, David, and Lakin, Susan, “The Collaborative Composite Image at RIT: The MAG Project” Proceeding, SIGGRAPH 2013 Symposium on Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications, Article No. 8, © 2013 ACM New York, NY ISBN 978-1-4053-2341-3

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ACM-SIGGRAPH International Computer Graphics Conference, Vancouver, BC Canada 2014

“Bringing the Outside In: Collaborative Content Creation in 3D Digital Design Education”

ACM SIGGRAPH-Asia International Computer Graphics Conference,Hong Kong 2013

“Collaborative Composite Image, the MAG Project”

ACM-SIGGRAPH International Computer Graphics Conference, Anaheim, California 2013

Session One: “Screencasting Strategies: Heuristics for using Video Content in 3D Computer Graphics Technological and Aesthetic Education”

Session Two: “The Collaborative Composite Image at RIT”

 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, Center for Instructional Development and Education Research (CIDER), 2013, Blacksburg, Virginia.

“Leveraging Pedagogical Expertise and Quality of Technology-Based Design Education Using Online Video in Course Content”

 ACM SIGGRAPH International Computer Graphics Conference, 2012, Los Angeles, California,

“Adapting Curriculum to Explore New 3D Modeling Technologies and Workflows”

Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester NY, 2013,

“The MAG Project”

Technology, Colleges and Community (TCC) Worldwide Online Conference, 2013, Honolulu, Hawaii (Online conference),

Session One: “Modular Video Production”

Session Two: “The MAG Project”



“Eisenhart Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching”, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2015

“Gitner Family Prize for Excellence in Graphic Communications”, Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Design 2014

Truevision Design Competition, 1997, First Place

Graduate Scholarship, William Paterson University, 1995-1997



Globix Corporation, New York, New York
Director, 3D Applications Corporate Training Center, 1997-2001

Developed, directed, and served as instructor for international training center for 3D applications and pipeline implementation. Classes were week-long, intensive courses in various aspects of computer modeling, animation, special effects and visualization. The 3D training center at Globix was the first authorized Alias corporate training center in the eastern United States.

Partial Client List, independent instructional, advisory, consultation contracts:

Blue Sky Studios, White Plains, NY

Contracted with Blue Sky Studios to customize and teach a series of five one-week intensive classes to the Modeling and Animation departments of that company, prior to their start of production of the “Ice Age” movies.

Bose Audio, Waltham, Massachusetts

Held advanced modeling classes for the design team of Bose Audio Corporation. Course content included modeling methods for product design, visualization, and rapid prototyping.

Christian Broadcasting Network, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Contracted to work in an instructional, advisory capacity on-site with the broadcast animation team from CBN; worked within the department teaching essential modeling, animation and special effects methodologies as they pertain to the needs and requirements of on-air graphics production.

Merck Pharmaceuticals, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

Contracted to work for one month on site with the web-design team at Merck Pharmaceuticals in an instructional, advisory capacity; work and instruction revolved around developing 3D content for the Merck worldwide website.

Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ

Contracted to work on-site with the graphics team at Lucent Technologies on a weekly, ad-hoc basis for six months, teaching modeling, animation, 3D design and production pipeline methodologies.

Arnell Design Group, New York, New York

Worked in an advisory capacity with the Globix technical team in configuring a turnkey design graphics solution for the Arnell Group in Manhattan, New York.  Project included the recommendation, purchase and implementation of 2D and 3D creation software and hardware, networking, print and video output methodologies.

Continued post-installation to work with the designers of Arnell both on-site with individual consultation and at Globix in our classroom, consulting with the design team regarding design methodologies, modeling strategies, and design “finish” strategies for integration with print, video and/or rapid-prototype and manufacturing pipelines.

Philip Morris International, New York, New York

Contracted to spend a week on-site with Philip Morris International, working with the in-house graphic design team in an advisory, instructional capacity dealing with the integration of 3D design into their existing 2D design pipeline.

Alias Wavefront, Toronto, Canada

Contracted to teach a variety of courses in the Alias/Wavefront home-office training center. Attendees included a number of international clients of Alias/Wavefront as well as new-hires in their product development, QA, and technical support divisions.

When Alias/Wavefront’s flagship product, “Maya” was in development, served as a consultant in an advisory and testing capacity for the launch of the initial suite of instructional materials.

Jupiter Moon Computer Art and Design 
Freelance Artist, Designer, Consultant, 1996 – 2010

Owned and operated a successful freelance design consulting and implementation business; catered to worldwide clientele for film, video, corporate communication, medical illustration and visualization.

Partial list of projects and clients:

 “Bloopy’s Buddies” Children’s Television Show

Designed and created all introductory and interstitial animation sequences for children’s television series, starring Jonathan Winters.  Animations included all of the buildings for the town of “Bloopyville” which came to life and danced to the theme music of the show.

 “MTV Super Bowl Halftime Show” pre-visualization

Created a digital 3D scale model for the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida (2001) and the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas (2004), along with the related stage, lights, and fields, for use in the pre-planning of the two MTV-produced half time shows.  Created real-time crowd simulations within these digital environments for the purpose of pre-visualizing crowd placement and movement, enabling MTV to most effectively script the audience portion of the halftime show including numbers, distribution, lighting and timing.

Johnson & Johnson Co., Inc,

Created working (animated) 3D model of flexible, heparin coated arterial stent for patient and medical practitioner education, print and video ads.

Bailey Design Group, Inc

Worked with the Bailey Product and Packaging team to create 3D models of sixteen different bottles for shampoo, ketchup, and other products; all models were produced to scale and created for rapid prototype manufacture.

Interpublic Group, New York, New York

Worked with various of Interpublic clients including Novartis, OrthoMcNeill, Cordis and others, creating visuals for medical appliances, medications, and other products for the purpose of advertising design, patient/doctor communication and information exchange between the manufacturers and medical practitioners

Unified Field, New York, New York

Subcontracted with Unified Field to construct a previsualize a simulated walk-through of a Science and Technology Museum proposed for construction in Doha, Qatar.  Client was the Sheik of Qatar.

“Dough Doodler” Crayola Crayon toy

Created a model of a “Dough Doodler”, a mechanized extrusion device for children’s modeling compounds.  Project was a turnkey design project; worked with the inventor of the toy and visualized the model electronically  before manufacture.  After the device was manufactured, created an animated short for use in commercials and trade shows.

Sonalysts Studios, N. Waterford, Connecticut

Freelance Production Artist, “Time Life Medical Patient Education Project”, 1998

Part of the production team for animated and still visuals for a series of patient education videos, under the direction of C. Everett Koop, MD, former Surgeon General of the United States, and Jane Hurd, award-winning medical illustrator.  Project was a series of 20 videos, each concerned with a different long-term medical condition.  Created visuals for three of the videos; “Infertility”, “Menopause”, and “Alzheimer’s Disease”.

Created and animated a model of the female reproductive system, produced an animation of an endometrial biopsy and other conditions/events related to pregnancy, fertility and reproduction.

Produced an animation of normal synaptic activity in the brain, followed by a visualization of the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.



Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County, Freehold, NJ

2008-2010     Served on the Exhibits Committee for the Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County in New Jersey.  Participated and ran discussions about the mission of the museum, juried and booked several exhibitions.

Directly co-curated three exhibitions:

“Purity of Expression: The Art of Sally Asa, American Artist, 1921-1988” (2009)

“Fabric & Textile Exhibit”,  a joint exhibition featuring three local artists (2009)

“Living Voices: A Tribute to Monmouth County’s Jewish World War II Veterans       

“Living Voices” was a multimedia exhibition involving a static, installed exhibit and a series of events commemorating the contribution of Jewish veterans and other participants with ties to Monmouth County in the events leading up to, during, and after World War II.   The exhibit centered on the memories of 15 men and women that were captured in videotaped interviews and timed to coincide with the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe in the spring, and Japan in the late summer.

I was part of the committee that conceived and developed the concepts for the exhibit, and part of the team that sought out and interviewed the men and women who participated.  Edited all the video and compiled it into an interactive display for the museum, and which was later offered as a gift to the participants and their families.

The exhibition was a year in the making and was open for nine months, and has since been accepted for submission to the National Archives, Washington, DC




DDDD Faculty Search Committee (2013, 2014)

CIAS School of Design Portfolio Committee (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)

CIAS Strategic Plan Facilities Committee (2013, 2014)

“Gallery R” Benefit Committee (2013)

School of Film and Animation Faculty Search Committee (2012, 2013)


National Portfolio Day, Detroit, MI (2013)

National Portfolio Day, RIT (2013)

CIAS Open House (DDDD Representative) (2013)

National Portfolio Day, Boston, MA, (2012)


Compiled and edited the “Best of RIT” show reel for submission to the DreamWorks Educator’s Symposium held at SIGGRAPH Conference, Anaheim, CA (2013) and Vancouver, BC (2014)

Represented RIT at the DreamWorks Educators Symposium (2013, 2014, 2015)

Compiled and edited submissions of student work for exhibition at the SIGGRAPH 2013 Educator’s Booth on the show floor, Anaheim, CA.

Director, design team for “Imagine RIT VIP Badge” for Innovation Festival 2014



President, Rochester Area “Autodesk Animation User Group Association”
President, Rochester Area ACM Siggraph Professional Chapter