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Maxwell, Adam, "Estate Administration Document"

Source Information

  • Short Title  Maxwell, Adam, "Estate Administration Document" 
    Repository  Hall of Records, Armstrong County 
    Source ID  S118991 
    Text  Estate #417
    Petition of Mahlon B White for valuation of Real Estate of Adam Maxwell, Deceased
    To the Honorable the Judges of the Orphans Court of the County of Armstrong.
    The petition of Mahlon White one of the heirs of Adam Maxwell late of Armstrong Co. deceased.
    Humbly represents that Adam Maxwell died intestate, on or about this 15th day of May last leaving a widow and five sons to (act?) William Maxwell of the County of ______ in the state of Ohio, James, David, and John of the County of Armstrong, and Elizabeth of the County of Armstrong, Sarah intermarried with Benjamin White of Coshocton County, Ohio Jane intermarried with George Cook of Armstrong, and your petitioners Mahlon White, Adam White and Elizabeth White grandchildren being the only children of Margaret Maxwell who was intermarried with William White also of Armstrong Co. and the other two residing in Youngstown, Armstrong County, Ohio - the said Elizabeth White being a minor and (seized?) in his (dismison?), an offer of and in the following described real estate, towit a certain tract or parcel of land situate in the Township of Buffalo, in the County of Armstrong and State of Pennsylvania, bounded on North by lands late of (Wilhaw Bassit??), by lands late of Campbell, Cooper and Green on the East and South by lands late of John Boney (???) West, Containing three hundred and fifty acres more or less; that no (petition?) or valuation of the siad Estate have been had, your petitioners therefore pray the Court to award an Inquest to make (partition?) of the premises aforesaid to (be divided?) among the representatives of the said Intestate in such manner and in such proportions, as by the laws of the Commonwealth is directed . If such partition can be made without prejudice to or spoiling of the whole, but if such partition cannot be so made thereof the to value and appraise the same, and make action of their proceedings according to law and as in duty bound so.
    (signature)Mahlon B. White
    Linked to  Family: George William Cook/Jane Maxwell (F612)