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Transcript of David Spencer's Last Will and Testament, 18 April 1892

In the name of God, Amen

I David Spencer of Manor Township Armstrong County Penna being of sound mind but weak in body knowing the uncertainty of life I do make the following disposition of my effects to wit:

First I desire all my debts funeral expenses are to be paid from money new in hand and then to pay my Children the following sums in Cash.

To Theodicia Heilman    Seventy five dollars

To Jessie Nesbitt              Seventy five dollars

To Mary Cable                   Seventy five dollars

To Darwin Spencer        Seventy five dollars

To Alice Spencer               One hundred dollars

To Alberta Spencer         Fifty dollars

To Blanch Spencer           Seventy five dollars


The balance of money then remaining to become my wife Julia Ann Spencer to use as she may see fit.

My wife Julia Ann Spencer is to have the use of all my Real Estate and personal property during her natural life or as long as she may remain my widow.

At my wife’s death the Real Estate is to be sold and the proceeds divided equally between all my children.

In the event of my wife’s marrying again she is to give up possession and all claim to my Real Estate, then my Daughters Darcia Heilman and Jessie Nesbitt will take charge of the Real Estate and sell it and divide the proceeds equally between all my heirs or if all the heirs are agreed then the Real Estate may be held until such a time as they may find a better market for it.  My wife Julia Ann Spencer may give a lease for limestone or coal for a term of seven years and at the end of the seven years if it be desired then she may lease for another term of seven years.  But in no event must she run the Real Estate in debt for any improvements or expenses.  And if she finds that the rentals of the Real Estate and interest of money that I hereby will to her will not be sufficient for her comfortable support, then she may sell the Real Estate and divide the proceeds equally among all my heirs, reserving for herself a [illegible] on the one third for her support during her lifetime. 

I hereby appoint my wife Julia Ann Spencer Executrix of this my last will and testament.

In testimony of which I have set my hand and my seal this eighteenth day of April AD 1892 in presence of John A Critzer and C.S. Bevard witnesses.

                                                                                                                David Spencer (Seal)


John A Critzer

C.S. Bernard

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