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Kettering - Lineage of Descendents of William Casper Kettering

who died in Warren, Warren Co., PA, after 1840 census  - page 350

(transcript of notes of H.H. Catron)

"2 males under 5, 1 male over 5, under 10, 1 over 40, under 50. 
1 female under 5, 1 over 5, under 10, 1 over 30, under 40"

Story is old church records for Denmark Manor Church, Westmoreland Co., Pa, show (Wm.) Casper Kettering married Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew and Anna Ashbaugh (have not checked this)

A Mr. Hodson, Warren County Authority on old cemeteries, unmarked graves, believes he has the name Kettering as being buried on the Jackson Farm Cemetery, which was the earlier burial ground at that time. 

The settlement of the estate of Casper Kettering is on the deed books at Warren County Court House.  Elizebeth, the wife, is not mentioned.  There was no settlement of his estate by will or intestate.

Deeds: Vol G, page 255 - 12 Nov 1836 - G Mastin, Jr. records the purchase at a tax sale of Lot #58 in Warrenborough for $56, and turns it over to Casper Kettering of Warren for $4.25 (not Mastin was a lumberman, mill-owner and business man, may have owed the money to Casper Kettering, whi was a carpenter, for work done)

Vol. H, pages 19-11, Sept 1838, Casper Kettering purchases from John F. Davis and Rebecca Davis, his wife, Lot #30 in Warrenborough, consideration $225.

Vol. Q, page 142 - 4 Feb. 1858, John Kittering, one of the heirs of Casper Kittering, deceased, sells to John F. Davis, for $50, all his interest in lots #58 and #38 in Warren, on each of which there is a small dwelling house. 

Vol. Q, page 306 - 1 Mar. 1858 Isabelle McLauglin , one of the heirs of Casper Kettering, dec'd, and wife of Adam McLaughlin of Westmoreland Co., Pa, sells to John F. Davis of Warren, Pa., consideration $30, all her interest in Lots #38 and #58 in Warren - Witness: David Geir (?) Sardis, Pa.

Vol Q, page 512 - 8 Jan 1859, Hannah Kettering one of the heirs of Casper Kettering, dec'd, sells to John F. Davis of Warren, Pa, all her interest in lots #38 and #58 in Warren, Pa, upon which is a small dwelling house.  Hannah Kettering of Newton Falls, Trumbull, Ohio, for $30.  Witnesses: U.D. Kellogg and E. H. Ensign, Trumbull Co., Ohio

Vol. S page 16 - 30 Oct 1860 (spelled Kettering in actual deed) Casper Kettering of Kitanning, Armstrong County, PA, one of the heirs of Casper Kettering, dec'd, of Warren, Pa, sells to John F. Davis for $30 all his interest in Lots #58 and #38 in the borough of Warren, Warren Co., Pa, on each of which there is a small building.  Witnesses, G.W. Coldwell, C.W. Wolf

Vol. T, page 53 - 9 June 1862 Mary E. Kettering, of Westmoreland County, Pa, one of the heirs of Casper Kettering, dec'd, of Warren, Pa, sells to John F. Davis for $30 all his interest in Lots #58 and #38 in the borough of Warren, Warren Co., Pa, on one- of which there isan old barn and upon the other an old house.  Witness: R. S. Reed


July 1863 - whereas Jacob Kettering, whereabouts unknown, one of the heirs of Casper Kettering, dec'd has been delinquent in his taxes on Lots #58 and #38, therefore the Commissioners of Warren County ordered them up for sale for taxes - purchased by John P Davis, for the share of the tax due by the said Jacob Kettering. 


In Casper Kettering's Civil War folder in Washington, D.C., his death certificate lists him as Casper C. - his father, Wm. Casper, birthplace Alsace-Lorraine. 

I did not locate Casper Kettering in 1850 Census [note: Casper Kettering appears in the 1850 census living with a family called Zimmerman]. 
Jacob Kettering in 1880 Census of Lewise, Ass Co. Iowa, page 514, stated his father's place of birth as Pa. 

Adna Ruth Kettering, one of Casper's daughters, said her grandfather or great-grandfather came from Holland.

Kettering is the name of a town in England, and the name is considered an English one. 

Mr. Henry Hardy Catron in his book KETTENRING FAMILY IN AMERICA gives Philip Kettering, Feb. 17, 1781 - May 23, 1860, died in West Lebanon, Ohio. as the father of William Casper Kettering, who in turn was the father of Isabel, Jacob, John, Hannah, Casper, and Mary Kettering.  Their mother was Elizabeth Ashbaugh, daughter of Andrew and Anna Ashbaugh, who were living vicinity Logan's Eddy sometime after the 1840 census was taken, and after Mary Kettering's birth in Warren Co., Pa, for after her husband's death she came down the Allegheny on a raft with the children and was met there by her father (family story).  She remarried someone named Huser, and lived about two years after this marriage - story is, Jacob Kettering ran away from home about this time, did not like his stepfather.  After Elizabeth Ashbaugh's death, the other children were taken in by various people - do not know whether Orphan's Court came into the picture then or not - HAS TO BE CHECKED. 

There is a memo, penciled, "Reigher, near old Coventown Cemeter, where dad's mother was buried." Have not been able to locate this.

In the 1880 census, Jacob Kettering's age is given as 45, would make his birthyear 1835 - in the Catron book it is June 23, 1833, at Warren, Pa.

Isabel Kettering's date is given 1834-1918, born at Harrison City, Pa.  The place of birth of all the other children is Warren, Pa., so it would seem plausible that Isabel was the oldest child, ant that the date given Jacob should be 1835 instead of 1833. 

Just where Philip Kettering came from is not known at present, nor his parentage, and the information that William Casper was one of his children must have come from a descendant of one of these brothers or sisters mentioned on p. 231, Philip Kettering, Jr., jacob Kettering, July 16 1807 - Apr 6 , 1861; Samuel Kettering Oct 31 1808 - Sept 4, 1885, Mary Kettering, John Kettering 1818 - 1893, Michael Kettering, May 19, 1825 - 1893, June 1889; Christopher Kettering Sep 12 1826-1909; Margaret Kettering Oct 14, 1828 - Jan 5 , 1905 - (NOTE: WILLIAM CASPER KETTERING'S NAME IS LISTED HERE, BUT NO DATES, NOR WERE THERE DATES FOR Philip Kettering, Jr., or Mary Kettering).  Also, the dates of birth given start with 1807, 1808, 1818, 1823, 1826, 1828 - as the wife Fanny Stauffer's birth is given as 1774 she would have been 22, 34, 44, 49, 52, 54 years of age at the time of these births; therefore, Philip, Jr., Wm. Casper, and Mary can be assumed to have been born earlier and in view of the fact that Wm. Casper in the 1840 censes Warren Co., Pa was "over 40 and under 50", this is not unreasonable.  It is noteworthy that Fanny the wife, was seven years older than her husband Philip - or could it be another typographical error, as she is listed as born Apr 19, 1774 - Jan 16, 1860, and he died the same day. 

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