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Nancy Foster

Female 1761 - 1837


Excerpt from "History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, Genealogical Memoirs" Vol 2.,

Jordan, John W. LLD, (c) 1906, The Lewis Publishing Company, New York, Chicago


The numerous and well-known race of which George E., George A. and Robert N. Alcorn, all of Saltsburg, are representatives, was founded in this country by two brothers, who about the close of the eighteenth century came hither from Donegal, Ireland. They were George and John Alcorn. The former married, in his native country, Nancy Porter, and they brought with them to this country three children: John, Mattie and Jennie. Of this number, John died on the voyage and was buried at sea. They settled in Bell Township, wher Mr. Alcorn purchased sixty acres of land to which he subsequently added, making in all three hundred acres. The children born to himself and his wife in their new home were: John (2), mentioned hereinafter ; George, also mentioned hereinafter ; and Peggy.

Mr. Alcorn, the father, was a staunch Democrat and a Presbyterian. His death occurred in 1830.

George Alcorn, son of George and Nancy { Porter) Alcorn, was born in Bell township, married, and was the father of four children: William, mentioned hereinafter; Hannah, Mary; and one deceased in youth. In 1854 Mr. Alcorn, the father, built the house now occupied by his grandson, George E. Alcorn.

William Alcorn, son of George Alcorn, was born in 1830, in Bell township, and was the owner of a farm of one hundred and thirty-five acres. He filled creditably several township offices. He married Nancy B. McCauley, born in 1838, in Salem township, and they were the parents of a daughter and a son: Ella J., deceased; and George E., mentioned hereinafter. Mrs. Alcorn died in 1890, and the death of Mr. Alcorn occurred in 1903.

George E. Alcorn, son of William and Nancy B. (McCauley) Alcorn, was born in 1860, in Bell township, where he received his education. After spending three years in Pittsburg, working at the carpenter's trade, he returned to the homestead, of which he became the owner on the death of his father, and on which he now lives. He has held for some time the office of school director. Mr. Alcorn married in 1886, Anna, daughter of Robert and Jane Alcorn, and they have two sons : Homer and Lawrence.

John Alcorn, son of George and Nancy (Foster) Alcorn, was born August I, 1804, in Bell township, and married Keziah Nicholas, born June 25, 1808. The marriage took place in 1832, and their children were : Robert N., mentioned hereinafter; Mary J., born 1835; Nancy, born 1837; Martha M., born 1839; Hulda K., born 1842; John (twin to Hulda K.), deceased; Delilah, born 1845 ; and George A., mentioned hereinafter. The father of the family died October 17, 1878, and his widow passed away January 17, 1899, in the ninety-first year of her age.

Robert N. Alcorn, son of John and Keziah (Nicholas) Alcorn, was born December 25, 1833, and has always followed agricultural pursuits. His farm, which consists of one hundred and fifty acres, he has owned since 1865 and has always maintained in the best possible condition, devoting it to the purposes of general farming. In 1875 he erected his fine dwelling and in 1883 his spacious and convenient barn. Like all the other members of the family he is a Democrat in politics and a Presbyterian in religious belief. Mr. Alcorn married in 1875, Jane Cook, born August, 1835, and three of their four children are now living: Belle: Frank, a physician in Pittsburg: and Joseph, a farmer.

George A. Alcorn, son of John and Keziah (Nicholas) Alcorn, was born in 1847, and is one of the successful farmers of the township, owning an estate of one hundred and forty-one acres. In sight of the house is an Indian camping-ground, where have been found several interesting Indian relics. True to the traditions of his family Mr. Alcorn supports the Democratic Party, and adheres to the faith of the Presbyterian denomination. Mr. Alcorn is unmarried and his two sisters, Hulda K. and Delilah, make their home with him.

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