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This is a partial transcript of the Revolutionary Soldier's Pension Application made by Adam Maxwell, 19 Sep 1832

NARA Publication M804

“Revolutionary War Pensions and Bounty Land Application Files”

Pension # S.5064


State of Pennsylvania Armstrong County

On this nineteenth day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty two personally appeard in open court before the judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Armstrong County now sitting.

Adam Maxwell a resident of Buffalo Township County and State aforesaid aged eighty years, who being firstduly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of theact of Congress passed June 7th AD 1832.

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated. To wit:

“I volunteered in the militia under (General?) John Proctor in the fall of 1777 or 1778 [does not now recollect which of the years.] Our Colonel was Pomeroy who commanded (illegible) regiments, our Major was Alexander Barr, John Shields was our Captain, James Moore was our 1st Lieutenant and I was the second Lieutenant. I was living in Westmoreland County when I attached my self to the army.

Shortly after I joined the army we were marched by our Colonel to Woodbridge, New Jersey, which we made our headquarters. The British had their Headquarters at Amboy or Brunswick, about three miles from our station. The headquarters of General Washington was at Morristown New Jersey.

Our regiment was not under any of the officers of the United States Army during our stay at Woodbridge, we had several skirmishes with the British in preventing them from plundering the farmers but no (illegible) at fighting. On one occasion, (the day on which this applicant does not now recollect) the British marched such force against us and compelled us to retreat to the Ash Swamp, where we were reinforced by General (Illegible) and then we had some fighting, on the evening of the same day we received an additional reinforcement and after some fighting we forced the British to retreat to their station.

We returned then to our encampment at Woodbridge, where we remained until our term of six months had expired,and then we marched to General Washington’s headquarters to receive our pay and were directed to Philadelphia for our pay & then received our pay when wewere discharged by our Colonel. I then returned to Westmoreland County.

My commission as Lieutenant, and my discharge has been lost or destroyed; believing that they would be of no service or use to me. I took no particular care of them. I remember that Captain Alexander Craig, Now of Westmoreland, was out with me in the service at the battle of Ash Swamp who I am informed is yet living, but by reason of sickness has recollection. I do not now recollect any other persons who were in our company whose statement I can obtain.

Before (illegible) to New Jersey in 1776 I was selected by General Charles Campbell & James Barr from the militia ranks and directed to enter the service as an Indian Spy- there were (illegible) in the company Capt. Joseph Eager, Benjamin Leisure, John Leisure, Capt. Jeremiah Laughry, John Cooper and myself who were directed to spy from the waters of Yellow Creek to Pennsylvania to Brackend Elk Licks on the waters of (blank) I (illegible) to Wm. Masons on the waters of Plum Creek and thence up the heads of Plum Creek and Crooked Creek. Once a week we were obliged to meet other spies on Buffaloe Creek to give intelligence of the Indians,which was published to the Inhabitants. I was five or six months in the service as a spy. I know that some of the before mentioned persons who were out with me as spies are dead and the others I do not know where they reside.

I hereby relinquish any claim whatever to a pension or an annuity except the present, and declare that my name is not on the pension role of any agency in any state."

(Signed) Adam Maxwell

Sworn & Subscribed on the day and year aforesaid

(Signed) Fredk Rohrer

Witness Statement by John Craig:

I John Craig of Buffaloe Township, Armstrong County, and State of Penna aged Eighty years do hereby certify that I am well acquainted with Adam Maxwell who has sworn to & subscribed the foregoing declaration and believe him to be of the age stated by him as the foregoing declaration and recalled that he was a volunteer and a Lieutenant as stated in his application, and that my brother Alexander Craig was a volunteer in the same regiment with Adam Maxwell.

That they marched from Westmoreland I think in the year 1777, intending to join Gen. Washington’s army in New Jersey. They went away in the fall and returned the following spring. I often heard my brother Alexander say that Adam Maxwell was at the battle of Ash Swamp along with him; Adam Maxwell is reputed in the neighborhood to be a Revolutionary Soldier, and is believed to be a man of veracity. And I believe the facts stated in relation to his being in the service as an Indian Spy to be true.

(signed) John Craig Subscribed (Signed) Fredk Rohrer